The Laughing Ladies of Cody Creek Farm

3 Generations of Ladies Playing in the Dirt!!
Sarah Palcher, Tess Beatrice, Vivian Beatrice and Jane Toby
the laughing ladies of Cody Creek Farmthe laughing ladies of Cody Creek Farmthe laughing ladies of Cody Creek Farm

Jimbe has been farmin as long as he can remember…

10 years.. 20 years.. purdy far back..

He used to be ‘The FLOWER MAN’.. selling fresh cut flowers out of his van.. out on Route 375 and 28..

just outside of Woodstock…

and sooo it goes…



Chrisso oo

Chrisso came to us via an ad we put in the local paper, that we were starting an ‘organic farm co-op’…

he responded.. he was looking for a place to start an ‘anarchist homestead collective’… where a group of young people would live together,

grow their own food, get animals, make cheese.. and have fun… and so Cody Creek Farm became the temporary home of the ‘Fertile Minds’..

for the summer of 2010..

To get a flavor for that summer of ‘peace, love, tomatoes & goat cheese’ see our facebook page Fertile Minds @ Cody Creek Farm.

Chrisso Babcock

Brittany Florio

Superwoman, Herbalist, Teacher